Mark Eschbach


Principal Technical Leader

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Mark Eschbach

Technical Leader && Principal Engineer Servant Leadership, People First, Agile
Ply multi-discipline technical expertise and leadership experience to make better organizations and systems via practical solutions. Values honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Work Experience

Technical Principal, WhiteSpace, 2020
Leading 14 direct reports to accelerate 6 others teams by instilling a culture of DevOps, implementation and management of shared infrastructure, developer experience, and systemic software lifecycle.
FullStack Engineer, Anthem, 2020
Brought in to help team meet a tight deadline, we hit it. Interested in a position with more leadership.
Lead Software Engineer, Emerlyn, 2019
Lead entire engineering organization through a DevOps transformation from on-prem servers as pets to AWS EKS heard mentality. Modernization of project management philosophies and implementations.
Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Virta Health, 2018 - 2019
Bootstrapping Site Reliability Engineering team withing Virta Health from cowboy operational model, aiding in SOC 2 compliance & HiTrust certification, and setting incident policies + procedures
Senior Software Engineer, Rhumbix, 2016 - 2018
Migrating the startup from Heroku to a DoD CC SRG L2 compliant infra. Implementation via Terraform using Infrastructure as Code. Migration of iOS app from Objective-C to Swift. Built out original on-boarding flow for Android app.
Senior Software Engineer, SkySlope, 2015
Helped DocuSign team hit tight deadline in AngularJS. On-shored iOS app and mobile service vertical, then built out Android app.
Senior Data System Developer, CoreLogic, 2013 - 2014
Reduced time to implementation of business logic rules by 80% for on-line analytical processing by refactoring (Fowler defn) while creating a more perfromant system.
Senior Application Engineer, StreamSend, 2012 - 2013
Prototyped legacy system replacement in Scala with Akka & Cassandra, optimized feature flagging system for both performance and storage space requirements, implemented custom user based reporting.
Software Engineer IV, LexisNexis, 2011 - 2012
Modernization of the user interface tiers, componentization of the user interface, migration of the user interface into a set of client side applications.
Application Developer, Eyefinity, 2011
Building out user interface tier eventually leading a team of 7 developers, brought in code reviews, set a culture of pairing, and supported QA by building framework for automated testing.

Volunteer Experience

Woodbadge, Golden Empire Council, BSA
An advanced leadership course through the lens of Scouting, covering program specific topics such as history and traditions to more general topics such as phases of group leadership and project management.
Paddle Craft Safety, Golden Empire Council, BSA
Practical course for taking groups out on paddle treks, ranging from planning through to rescue and safety.
Assistant Scout Master, Troop 139, Davis, Golden Empire Council, BSA
As a servant leader I support & mentor youth leadership to provide weekly meeting programs, regular community service activities, and monthly adventures for up to 90 youth. As a technical practitioner during COVID-19 I helped the organization continue to provide virtual, remote, and distance activities.
Den Leader and Pack Leadership, Secretary, Pack 75, Davis, Golden Empire Council, BSA
Lead up to 10 kids from 1st grade (Tigers) through 6th (Webelos 2) grade on various age appropriate adventures as well as their parents. At the Pack level I was active in the organization and execution of events of up to 150 participants, as well as the business side of running the pack.
Member at Large, Yolano District, Golden Empire Council, BSA
Participating in regional level planning, execution, and support of units within the local Scouting district.

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